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Nails: We got our eye on the Rothko-esque color blocked nails done in a neutral palette. Thankfully, it'll be that much easier to copy with Som's custom polish collection, courtesy of Zoya. The lacquer colors were perfectly paired with a mix of beige, white, gold and black, creating an instant art-piece on the model's nails.

All that goodness, matched with dark makeup and the occasional strong brow is part of what made Som's Parisian-chic inspiration come alive. ~ Modelina.com
We love the insight into the top talents that Modelina provides... For example, did you know that catwalker (aka model) Kel Markey (shown left above photo) loves to pass the hair and makeup time backstage away by playing QuizUp?

#PeterSom #CustomColor #Beige-NailPolish #White-NailPolish #Black-NailPolish  ; #KelMarkey

#Beige-NailPolish #Black-NailPolish  #CustomColor #KelMarkey #PeterSom #White-NailPolish