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There's something about Spring that makes us want to create the most colorful manicures! Blogger, Polish Hound created a super pretty half-moon watermarble nail look using Zoya Nail Polish in Rayne, Zoya Nail Polish in Cassi, Zoya Nail Polish in Wendy, and Zoya Nail Polish in Harley.

What we especially love about this nail look is that you can re-create it with any color combinations! Polish Hound created a tutorial for this nail look HERE plus check out her swatches and review for the Zoya Delight Collection! How cool looking is the macro image below?

Have cute nail art ideas for Spring or Easter? Make sure to share them using #EverydayZoya for a chance to be featured on our website! You can find the #ZoyaDelight collection at www.zoya.com!
#EverydayZoya #ZoyaDelight

It's finally SPRING and this is a mani the Easter Bunny will LOVE plus it's a perfect way to add a pop of color to your look this Spring.

Colors used from pointer finger to pinky: Zoya Nail Polish in Dot, Zoya Nail Polish in Eden, Zoya Nail Polish in Heather, Zoya Nail Polish in Mira, Zoya Nail Polish in Blu, Zoya Nail Polish in Ling, Zoya Nail Polish in Tiana & Zoya Nail Polish in Tilda.

Have Easter or Spring inspired nail art you wan to share? Use #EverydayZoya with an image for a chance to be featured on our Shade Spotlight! Find all of these colors and more Spring shades at www.zoya.com!

There's never a wrong time to fall back in love with your favorite nail polish collection and blogger, Posh Polish did exactly that! She decided to dedicate a full week to the Zoya shades she adores and show her followers how much she loves Zoya PLUS get them to fall in love as well! Every day for a week, she featured a favorite shade explaining why she loves it as well as a swatch of the color as well. We obviously LOVED this idea and were so excited to see what shade would be featured next!

Check out Posh Polish's "Falling (back) In Love With Zoya" by color:

Zoya Micky
Zoya Megan
Zoya Blu
Zoya Arabella
Zoya Cassi
Zoya Vespa
Zoya Rocky

What Zoya shades are your favorite? Tell us below and send in photos using #EverydayZoya for a chance to be featured on www.zoya.com!
Let's get classy with a super chic, and super easy tutorial for a plaid mani using shades from the Zoya Naturel Satins Collection! Plaid is so wearable, and it makes us feel like we're (kind-of) rocking Burberry...without breaking the bank! The best part about this nail look is you can re-create it with ANY variety of colors. We love how the #ZoyaNaturelSatins look with it though because of their softness. Here's how we created it:

What You'll Need:
What To Do:
  • On a completely dry base of #ZoyaRowan , paint 2 thin vertical lines of #ZoyaAna on the right side of the nail, leaving a little space in between. We used a thin brush but tape works well too
  • Second, paint two horizontal lines toward the edge of your nail using #ZoyaPurity - let dry
  • Next, create a thin vertical line on the left side using #ZoyaBrittany - let dry
  • Lastly, paint one horizontal line toward the bottom of the nail with Brittany
  • Let dry completely to satin finish or apply a topcoat of a glossy finish is preferred!

Will you be trying this nail look at home? If you do, make sure to send them in using #EverydayZoya and find the entire Naturel Satins Collection at www.zoya.com!
#EverydayZoya #ZoyaAna #ZoyaBrittany #ZoyaNaturelSatins #ZoyaPurity #ZoyaRowan
Have a romantic date night planned with your beau? The Zoe Report featured Zoya Nail Polish in Ginessa as one of their 5 Cocktail Nails for a Date Night Out! #ZoyaGinessa is a soft, pearly white glitter in a semi-sheer white base. She is a clean shimmering silvery-white that's universally flattering - and a perfect shade to pair with pearl jewelery to impress your date.

"Pearlized everything is a major spring trend both classic and feminine." - The Zoe Report

What are your go-to shades for a night out? Share them with us using #EverydayZoya and find Ginessa plus more beautiful shades at www.zoya.com!
#EverydayZoya #ZoyaGinessa
Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and Vanity Rouge's Red Nail Polishes for Valentine's Day features two luscious Zoya reds that will be sure to impress your date (or make you feel fabulous without one). Included in the list is Zoya PixieDust in Oswin, a true red textured PixieDust with crimson Mega Hex particles aka a seriously GORGEOUS shade. Next up is Zoya Nail Polish in Livingston, a lush autumn red - the perfect shade to feel sexy in. Scroll down to see Vanity Rouge's gorgeous swatches of both.

Zoya PixieDust in Oswin

Zoya Nail Polish in Livingston

Will you be wearing a radiant red for Valentine's Day? We would LOVE to see your manis! Make sure to share them using #EverydayZoya and find more lovely reds at www.zoya.com!
Get your snacks ready friends, it's that time of the year where we get to enjoy some good ol' fashion football on it's biggest day of the year. If you're like us, you'll be watching the game this weekend - but if you're REALLY like us...you'll be doing some team inspired manicures! We have nail art ideas for both teams playing for you to paint away and celebrate with.

Team West:
Colors Used: Zoya Nail Polish in Ryan, Zoya Nail Polish in Tilda, Zoya Nail Polish in Stassi, Zoya Nail Polish in Purity, and Zoya Nail Polish in Trixie

Team East:

Colors Used: Zoya Nail Polish in Ryan, Zoya Nail Polish in LC, Zoya Nail Polish in Purity (or Trixie)

Both nail looks are pretty easy, just be creative and we guarantee you'll have the best looking nails at the party! Have really cool nail art for the game? We'd love to see! Use #EverydayZoya when you post to be featured on our website! Find these colors and more to create your team colors at www.zoya.com!
Yep, it's that time of the year again...Valentine's Day! Whether you have someone special to celebrate it with or you are celebrating YOU that day, we have your mani covered with a simply sweet-heart nail look!

For this Valentine's Day nail art, we used Zoya Nail Polish in Rooney as a base, and Zoya Nail Polish in Dot as an accent nail base coat. Let that dry. Next, swipe on Zoya Nail Polish in Harper on one nail (we chose our middle finger-nail). Now this is where things get adorable.

For the heart accent nail you'll need:
  • A dotting tool
  • A thin brush
  • Zoya Rooney (or any other color of choice)
1: Take the dotting tool and create two dots next to one another.
2: Create two diagonal lines coming to a point.
3: Now, just fill in your heart!
4: Top it off with a shiny Top Coat like Armor or Qtica Extending Top Coat. Simple as that!

Have a super cute mani? Send them in using #EverydayZoya for a chance to be featured on our website! Find these shades plus more adorable pinks at www.zoya.com!

Everyday inspiration comes from YOU! Share your #EverydayZoya nail looks and swatches on Twitter, Instagram or upload from your computer HERE for a chance to be featured on our website. By uploading your pictures, not only are you lending us a hand in building our community of color but you're also helping others discover new colors and see how the polish looks on before they buy. 

A few things to remember...

1. Make sure you include the hashtag #EverydayZoya in your original post on Twitter and Instagram. If you add the hashtag in as a comment it will not show up in the gallery. Don't worry, if you forget, you can upload straight into the #EverydayZoya gallery on our website.

2. Depending on volume, it may take up to 24-48hrs for your image to show up in the gallery. We have a verification process in place in order to filter out any spam or inappropriate content.

3. Tell us what color(s) you used! Let us know which Zoya shade you are wearing so that we can make sure your image shows up on the correct color page. 

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