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Fancy Floral Nail Art

With Spring here and Summer right around the corner, we can't help but to incorporate floral nail art into our manicures! Even painting one accent nail with flowers can change your whole look to add a feminine and soft element. We LOVE pairing flowers with just about any shade but right now, Zoya Sailor with an accent of Zoya Grace has our hearts! The great news is. achieving this look is EASY and we guarantee that you won't be able to stop staring at those pretty petals. Below, we share how to create this look at home and the best thing is it works with any combination of shades.

What You'll Need.

- Zoya Nail Polish in Sailor
- Zoya Nail Polish in Purity
- Zoya Nail Polish in Grace
- A good dotting tool (or bobby pin)
- A thin brush or toothpick

Step 1

Select which nail(s) you want as your floral accent and paint all other fingers with Zoya Nail Polish in Sailor. Use Zoya Nail Polish in Grace as the base for accent nail(s) of choice. Now for the how-to on the accent nail!

Step 2

When the base of your accent nail is completely dry, use a dotting tool or small brush to create the flower base using Zoya Nail Polish in Purity. You're not going to make the dots completely circular. Instead, make them a little irregular, to get more of a flower shape.

Step 3

When the dots have dried, use a skinny brush or toothpick to make a little "C" shape in the center of each flower with Zoya Nail Polish in Sailor Next, outline two edges of each flower as shown to the left. You only need a little bit per flower!

Step 4

Once the outline of the flower is dry, you'll be ready to make the leaves to the flower. Take your brush (make sure it's clean) and dip it into Zoya Nail Polish in Sailor. Choose a side of each flower and make two skinny triangles right next to each other to create the leaves - it's easy!

Step 5

Finally, once the flowers have dried, top the look off with a shiny top coat like Zoya Armor.

Are you loving the floral nail art trend as much as we do for Spring? Be sure to share your look with us using #EverydayZoya!

It is officially SPRING! Even if you are looking out the window and it still feels more like winter, you can paint on the gorgeous Zoya Delight shades to make the day a little brighter! Blogger, Jary Nails created a stunning nail look using Zoya Nail Polish in Leslie as the base, and created accent floral designs using reverse stamping with other shades from #ZoyaDelight . We love how fresh this look is for Spring! Watch Jary's tutorial on the nail look here or below.

Have you created Spring inspired nail art using shades from #ZoyaDelight ? Tell us below and send in your looks using #EverydayZoya! Find the entire Zoya Delight Collection here.
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