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It's the "Back-to-School" shopping edition in Seventeen Magazine's September issue! The beauty editors got together to dish out on their must-have beauty products, and Zoya Nail Polish made the list for Design Director- Wendy Robison's "Girly" style!

"I like a sweet and polished style- with bright pops of color!" - Wendy Robison

Zoya Nail Polish in Tilda and Zoya Nail Polish in Ling from The Zoya Tickled collection are super fun brights with lots of personality. If you love these shades, The Zoya Bubbly Collection will be right up your alley. Packed with an exclusive liquid-metal holographic jelly formula - these gals will give the perfect pop of color.

What #Zoya shades do you love to wear when you're feeling girly? Tell us below and find over 300 more fabulous shades at www.zoya.com.

#Zoya Tickled #Zoya Ling #Zoya Tilda #Zoya Bubbly
#Zoya #ZoyaBubbly #ZoyaLing #ZoyaTickled #ZoyaTilda
Savasana Shades
A few of the Zoya fairies enjoyed a nice relaxing night at a local Cleveland yoga event! Naturally, we were snapping pictures here and there of what we like to call our "Savasana Shades".

Half Moon
Whitney Half Moon Nail Art

Zoya Nail Polish in Whitney was energized after participating in an hour long Vinyasa workshop. We love how bright she is, and she really popped against the backdrop of the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Hamsa Nail Art With Zoya Ling and Purity

Zoya Nail Polish in Ling was feeling especially relaxed while in child's pose. Can you spot the little Hamsa symbol as the accent nail? Protecting evil at it's finest.

What are some of your favorite ways to unwind? Let us know below! Find these shades and more at www.zoya.com. Namaste!

#ZoyaLing #ZoyaWhitney
#ZoyaLing #ZoyaWhitney
You'll be seeing seas of blue in the July 2014 issue of Real Simple, where Zoya Nail Polish in Rebel and Zoya Nail Polish in Song were featured as part of the Hot 100 products under $100! #ZoyaRebel is a blue sky metallic with a silver shimmer and #ZoyaSong is a vibrant medium primary blue with silver and blue glittery metallic sparkle. Both shades are perfect when you're feeling "blue".

We are REALLY into blue nail polish lately, and have been craving the shades of the ocean more often! Below are a few of our favorite blue shades that we can't stop staring at when we paint them on.

What are some of your favorite blue shades? Tell us below! Find these shades and MORE at zoya.com! PS- non related, but how delicious do those BBQ wings look on the magazine cover?

#ZoyaLing #ZoyaDream #ZoyaIbiza #ZoyaSunshine
#ZoyaDream #ZoyaIbiza #ZoyaLing #ZoyaRebel #ZoyaSong #ZoyaSunshine
The Petal nail is one of our FAVORITE looks of the season. It's simple, interesting, and chic! Something fun about the petal is the illusion it gives. One person may see your base color, but someone on the other side of you will see the layered shade on top! Ready to see how easy this look is?

First, start with your base. We used Zoya Nail Polish in Ling from the Zoya Tickled Collection. Let that dry completely before adding the next layer.

Next, choose your layering shade. We love how Zoya Nail Polish in Stassi looks layered over #ZoyaLing , it's very vibrant and perfect for summer! You can choose virtually any shade to layer over your base. Another reason we love this mani is how creative you can be with combinations! See some of our favorite combos here.

Now, simply take your layering shade, and swipe a "petal" along the right side of your nail starting at the base and leading to the top. If you find that you can't get enough control from the brush of the bottle, try using a thinner paint brush, or striping brush. You can also use a piece of tape to help create a neat edge along the nail.

Another Pro Tip: If you find that you just can't avoid getting polish on your skin, try rubbing some cuticle oil (or lotion) around the edge of your cuticle. Just make sure that you don't get any on your nail or the polish won't adhere properly to your base!

petal nail art look

Let that dry completely. Finally, just throw on a top coat! We suggest using Zoya Armor Top Coat. Adding this last step will really make it shine!

Today we are celebrating all of the dads and father-figures out there - especially those who have endured countless nail polish paintings and tea parties! We hope you enjoy the day filled with love!

Shade shown in photo above is Zoya Nail Polish in Ling. Find over 300 Big5Free shades at zoya.com!


It's FINALLY time to bust out your favorite sandals and enjoy the gorgeous weather! Need a little inspiration for your mani and pedi nail polish combinations? We have you covered! We have put together a few of our favorite shade combos with colors that are on trend this season.

Blue + Green
We love how fun this combo is. So playful, yet still totally chic. Try Zoya Nail Polish in Ling with Zoya Nail Polish in Tilda for a fun twist!

Coral + Aqua
So we are obsessed with this color combo. Zoya Nail Polish in Wendy is such a juicy melon shade, and paired with a gorgeous metallic like Zoya Nail Polish in Dillon adds a fun, sparkly detail. By the way, both shades are totally in right now.

Hot Pink + Red
This is a classic combination for summer time. Zoya Nail Polish in Layla SCREAMS girly, while a red like Zoya Nail Polish in Carmen keeps it classy.

Orange + Vibrant Orange/Red
For our friends who want to keep it more monochromatic, this combo is for you! We love that Zoya Nail Polish in Arizona is the perfect orange, but pair her with a bright, hot shade like Zoya Nail Polish in Rocha...wooo turn up the heat!

Sand + Yellow
This is a more neutral combination but the texture of Zoya PixieDust in Godiva paired with a bright yellow like Zoya Nail Polish in Darcy adds a ton of interest. You will get tons of compliments with this beachy look!

Now get out there and show of those pretty fingers and toes! You can find all these gorgeous shades and more for Summer at zoya.com!

#zoyawendy #zoyatilda #zoyaling #zoyadarcy #zoyacarmen #zoyalayla #zoyagodiva #zoyarocha #zoyaarizona #zoyadillon
#zoyaarizona #zoyacarmen #zoyadarcy #zoyadillon #zoyagodiva #zoyalayla #zoyaling #zoyarocha #zoyatilda #zoyawendy
Summer is a comin'! Make sure that mani POPS with super fun, and vibrant colors this season! LuckyMag.com featured three shades from the new Zoya Tickled Collection to really amp up your nail look! Zoya Nail Polish in Rooney is a
mid-range magenta pink cream
mid-range magenta pink cream 
 mid-range magenta pink cream that will flatter an array of skin tones. Zoya Nail Polish in Tilda is a warm mantis green cream that is the perfect alternative to a summer lime. Finally, Zoya Nail Polish in Ling is a vibrant royal blue cream that is super fun and packs a visual punch! It may be getting hot out, but your nails will be very "cool" looking with these fabulous cremes.

We can totally imagine these colors looking amazing on some toes in the sand. They'll for sure stand out! What are some shades you're looking forward to rocking this summer?
Find more shades from the #ZoyaTickled collection at Zoya.com!

#ZoyaRooney #ZoyaTilda #ZoyaLing
#ZoyaLing #ZoyaRooney #ZoyaTickled #ZoyaTilda

Wishing you and the special woman in your life a very happy Mother's Day!

Colors shown from Left to Right: #ZoyaLing, #ZoyaDillon, and #ZoyaHudson

Zoya :)
#ZoyaDillon #ZoyaHudsonLove #ZoyaLing
If this fairy could be anywhere in the world at this very moment, where would I be? Without a doubt - beach bound! Let's just take a second to day dream of sipping the water out straight out of a freshly picked coconut while soaking up the sun on the coast of some (any) exotic island. Let's not forget about dipping those toes into the crystal clear ocean to the sound of waves crashing in the background. It almost feels real, doesn't it?!

To tide (get it?) me over until summer officially begins, I've been in desperate need of a little pick-me-up. Here are a few things that have been keeping me energized and positive, while we wait (and wait... and wait...) for summer! They may not make the weather warmer or the sun shine brighter, but they sure do help cure the before-summer blues!

1. ZICO Coconut Water
All-natural and ultra hydrating - this is the closest thing to sipping it straight out of a coconut.

2. Rohto Eye Drops
We're not going to beat around the bush here, these eye drops are intense... but amazing! Literally like sticking a mint in your eye (in a good way) - these suckers will get rid of any redness and dryness PLUS wake you up instantly!

3. Brooklyn Thread Cell Phone Case
Even though this case looks like an ocean, it is actually a digital image inspired by the textures of an agate stone slice - GORGEOUS!

4. Zoya Nail Polish in YummyZoya Rocky and Zoya Ling
#ZoyaYummy #ZoyaRocky and #ZoyaLing are just some of the gorgeous blue shades I'm loving right now. Check out the Blue Nail Polish Page for the entire selection of beachy blues!

#ZoyaLing #ZoyaRocky #ZoyaYummy
The Zoya Nail Polish Tickled Summer 2014 collection brings you six dazzling hues loaded with shimmering holographic glitter particles. This is color made todance in the light and deliver great color well into the night! Buildable formula - great for layering
Summer 2014 Bubbly Collection - Zoya Nail Polish in Muse Swatches and First Look Video - See more at: http://blog.zoya.com/Moment/Summer+2014+Bubbly+Collection+-+Zoya+Nail+Polish+in+Muse+Swatches+and+First+Look+Video/?Moment=1327 #sthash .6o4LOuUa.dpuf

Here is your first look at Zoya Nail Polish in Ling
a vibrant royal blue cream that is evenly balanced to flatter most skin tones. Flawlessly opaque in 2 coats. - See more at: http://www.zoya.com/content/item/Zoya/Zoya-Nail-Polish-in-Ling-ZP731.html #sthash .yYo1oiDa.dpuf
A vibrant royal blue cream that is evenly balanced to flatter most skin tones. Flawlessly opaque in 2 coats.
a vibrant royal blue cream that is evenly balanced to flatter most skin tones. Flawlessly opaque in 2 coats. - See more at: http://www.zoya.com/content/item/Zoya/Zoya-Nail-Polish-in-Ling-ZP731.html #sthash .yYo1oiDa.dpuf
a vibrant royal blue cream that is evenly balanced to flatter most skin tones. Flawlessly opaque in 2 coats. - See more at: http://www.zoya.com/content/item/Zoya/Zoya-Nail-Polish-in-Ling-ZP731.html #sthash .yYo1oiDa.dpuf

Ultra long-wearing nail lacquers by Zoya are BIG5FREE - all formulas are completely free of harmful industrial chemicals such as toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) that are known to cause cancer and birth defects.

Available Now!

$9.00 ea. (US)


#ZoyaLing #ZoyaTickled
#sthash #ZoyaLing #ZoyaTickled