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Let's get classy with a super chic, and super easy tutorial for a plaid mani using shades from the Zoya Naturel Satins Collection! Plaid is so wearable, and it makes us feel like we're (kind-of) rocking Burberry...without breaking the bank! The best part about this nail look is you can re-create it with ANY variety of colors. We love how the #ZoyaNaturelSatins look with it though because of their softness. Here's how we created it:

What You'll Need:
What To Do:
  • On a completely dry base of #ZoyaRowan , paint 2 thin vertical lines of #ZoyaAna on the right side of the nail, leaving a little space in between. We used a thin brush but tape works well too
  • Second, paint two horizontal lines toward the edge of your nail using #ZoyaPurity - let dry
  • Next, create a thin vertical line on the left side using #ZoyaBrittany - let dry
  • Lastly, paint one horizontal line toward the bottom of the nail with Brittany
  • Let dry completely to satin finish or apply a topcoat of a glossy finish is preferred!

Will you be trying this nail look at home? If you do, make sure to send them in using #EverydayZoya and find the entire Naturel Satins Collection at www.zoya.com!
#EverydayZoya #ZoyaAna #ZoyaBrittany #ZoyaNaturelSatins #ZoyaPurity #ZoyaRowan
It's time to dress up those digits for Halloween and You Beauty has a super easy tutorial on a Skull mani using Zoya Nail Polish. All you need to achieve this subtly spooky nail look is Zoya Nail Polish in Raven, Zoya Nail Polish in Purity, a few simple tools, and a great top coat like Zoya Armor to make it shine! Check out the final nail look below. Isn't it just boo-tiful?

Take a look at You Beauty's full tutorial here and find these shades and more for Halloween at www.zoya.com!

#ZoyaRaven #ZoyaPurity #ZoyaArmor #ZoyaAnchor

#ZoyaAnchor #ZoyaArmor #ZoyaPurity #ZoyaRaven
We are bringing out our inner-child and celebrating National Teddy Bear Day the only way we know how...with nail art! This look is very easy, and great for kids too!

Choose a base color and paint three nails of your choice. We went with Zoya Nail Polish in Neely.
Then using a white (Zoya Nail Polish in Purity) paint the remaining two nails. Allow all to dry completely.

Next, using a dotting tool - create polka dots on one #ZoyaNeely nail. For the pinky, use a striping brush and make diagonal lines using #ZoyaPurity on one of the #ZoyaNeely base nails.

Now for the cute little teddy bear!
Taking a dotting tool and #ZoyaNeely , create a bigger circle at the bottom corner of your ring finger nail, and two smaller circles for the ears. Allow to dry. Carefully create two eyes, and a nose with the dotting tool!

How cute is the turnout? Makes us want to find out childhood teddy and just snuggle! Find these shades and more at www.zoya.com!
#ZoyaNeely #ZoyaPurity
Let's face it, tie dye seems to always be in - especially during the summer! What we love about the trend is how creative you can be with it. Wear the trippy style on your clothes, your decor, and...your nails! With so many color options and styles, you can get pretty creative with your inner-hippie. Here's what we did to get the look:

Step 1: Paint your Base- Zoya Nail Polish in Purity works best to make the tie-dye POP!
Step 2: For the accent nail, allow your base to dry completely.
Step 3: Take your darkest shade (We used Zoya Nail Polish in Whitney) and create a spiral using small brushstrokes.
Step 4: With your brightest shade (Zoya Nail Polish in Ali) and repeat the previous step.
Step 5: Take a contrasting color (We liked how Zoya Nail Polish in Rocky looked against the pinks) and repeat the previous step again.
Step 6: After your accent nail dries, complete the look with Zoya Armor Top Coat to smooth out the layered nail polish.

That's it! A super summery, bright nail look right at your fingertips! We'd love to see your tie-dye nail art designs! Make sure to post any nail art looks to our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

Find these shades and over 300 more to create your own nail looks at www.zoya.com!

#ZoyaPurity #ZoyaAli #ZoyaRocky #ZoyaWhitney
#ZoyaAli #ZoyaPurity #ZoyaRocky #ZoyaWhitney
Summer is full steam ahead, but you don't have to go overboard to get a cute nautical mani!

What You'll Need:
-A navy blue
-A white
-A light blue
-Striping tape
-A striping brush

Striped Accent Nail
1. Start with a base! We used Zoya Nail Polish in Sailor (totally appropriate for this) and let dry.
2. Cut 5 pieces of striping tape, and space it out vertically.
3. Paint a light blue over the striping paint. We chose Zoya Nail Polish in Blu! Let dry.
4. Once dry, gently peel off the striping tape.
Anchor Accent Nail
1. Start with a base. We used Zoya Nail Polish in Purity - the perfect white! Let dry.
2. Take your navy blue, and with a striping brush - paint a vertical line with a "C" curve on the bottom.
3. Add a horizontal line to create a lower case "t".
4. Add final details! (We added a circle at the top to create the "loop".)

VoilĂ ! Now you're ready to sail into the abyss that is awesome nail art!!

Find all of these shades and more at Zoya.com and kick off your summer!

#ZoyaSailor #ZoyaBlu #ZoyaPurity
#ZoyaBlu #ZoyaPurity #ZoyaSailor
Polka Dots - Everyone loves them! PLUS they're suuuuper cute and an easy way to switch up your mani. All you need is something to dot with - the good thing is, you don't need a dotting tool! Grab a paper clip, tooth pick, old pencil or even a bobby pin... all work just as well.

To get started, paint on your base color and let dry completely. Even better, upgrade your day-old mani! Once your base is dry, you're ready to dive in! We used Zya Nail Polish in Rooney and Zoya Nail Polish in Purity with an accent nail layering Zoya Nail Polish in Harper for this nail look.

Zoya Nail Polish in Rooney

Zoya Color Expert, Rebecca Isa, gave us the BEST advice once. She suggested that we put a piece of tape on the back of the hand you are polishing and use this as a palette. That way, you are working close to your "canvas" (aka - nails) which allows you to work a little quicker.

Take the color you want your polka dots to be and dab a few drops onto the tape (a scrap piece of paper works just fine too). We recommend placing your first dot centered at the base of your nail and work straight up to the free edge of your nail. How many dots you use depends on your nail size and dot size. Do the same thing on either side of this first line, staggering the positioning of the next set of dots. Fill in any bare spots and Voila!
Zoya Nail Polish in Rooney With Purity Polka Dots

#ZoyaHarper #ZoyaRooney #ZoyaPurity
#ZoyaHarper #ZoyaPurity #ZoyaRooney
Have some big plans for the long weekend? Head to that BBQ or parade in style! We love this look because it totally says "I'm being festive" without being too cliche. You can pair this cute look with an equally adorable mani! This nail look was inspired by our stylish friend, xoxojudie.

All you need to do to create this nail art is:

.Paint your base. We used Zoya Nail Polish in Purity here.
.Once that's dry, take some striping tape and make vertical lines.
.Paint over with your second shade. We used Zoya Nail Polish in Mia because we like it's softness.
.Let that dry completely and carefully peel tape off.
.Finally, take a navy blue (Zoya Nail Polish in Cynthia) and create a dotted pattern at the base of the nail, and fill in the bottom.
.We added a few white dots too at the very end!

You can find these shades and more to at Zoya.com! What are some nail looks you'll be trying for Memorial Day weekend?

#ZoyaPurity #ZoyaMia #ZoyaCynthia
#ZoyaCynthia #ZoyaMia #ZoyaPurity

First off, on behalf of blogger, Hello Glossy - you're welcome. This is by far the easiest marble mani we have ever seen and we just HAD to pass it along. There is no mess with dropping polish into water, all you need is a plastic baggie! Not only is this look easy and super cool looking...it was done using ALL Zoya Nail Polish shades! Zoya Nail Polish in Ali, Zoya Nail Polish in Monica, and Zoya Nail Polish in Purity made this mani completely stand out.

You can read the entire post and perfect your own marble mani!

Zoya Nail Polish has over 300 shades for you to get creative and play around with your own looks! What shades would you try to re-create the look with? Tell us below!

#zoyaali #zoyamonica #zoyapurity #marblemani #howto
#howto #marblemani #zoyaali #zoyamonica #zoyapurity

Today's #MugshotMonday is inspired by the NEW Starbucks Vanilla Macchiato!

Colors Shown: (left hand) Zoya Nail Polish in Hunter & Chita. (Right hand top to bottom) Louise, Flynn, Jacqueline, and Purity.

#ZoyaFlynn #ZoyaJacqueline #ZoyaPurity #NailArt

#MugshotMonday #NailArt #ZoyaFlynn #ZoyaJacqueline #ZoyaPurity