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Summer time fun in the sun calls for a mani that will last and last, and is safe! Zoya Nail Polish is Big5Free AND long lasting so you can do your favorite Summer activities without worrying about the effects of harmful chemicals or yucky chips. Zoya Nail Polish in Rocha was featured on Real Simple as one of their top choices for Summer-Perfect Non Toxic Nail Colors!

#ZoyaRocha is a fairy favorite - she is bright, fun, and super shiny! Find her and more from the Zoya Tickled Collection at www.zoya.com!
It's the weekend!! Something we LOVE to do is pair our manis with our favorite accessories. Zoya Nail Polish in Rocha is red hot for a Saturday night (or any time really). She went perfectly with this gold and coral belt, so we just had to snap a picture.

Do you like to pair your favorite accesories with your manis? Find #ZoyaRocha and more from the Summer Zoya Tickled Collection at www.zoya.com!

#zoyatickled #weekendmani
#weekendmani #ZoyaRocha #zoyatickled
It's summer time which means it's time for bright, neon shades! Zoya Nail Polish in Rocha was featured on Yahoo! Beauty as one of their favorite neon shades for summer. #ZoyaRocha is a classic folly red cream that looks absolutely gorgeous against tan, glowing skin! She is absolutely one of our new favorites because not only is she bright, but she has a very subtle shimmer, and who doesn't love that?

Below are a few other neon faves that are so bright, that you may need sunglasses. Zoya Nail polish in Paz is a glowing traffic cone orange - paint her over a white base and WATCH OUT! Zoya Nail Polish in Kitridge is a bubblegum pink that pops againt a summer tan. Finally, Zoya Nail Polish in Darcy is a bright sunny yellow!

The time for NEON nail polish is now! Find these colors and more at www.zoya.com, and get your glow on!

#ZoyaPaz #ZoyaKitridge #ZoyaDarcy
#ZoyaDarcy #ZoyaKitridge #ZoyaPaz #ZoyaRocha
Nothing says "Summer" like a gorgeous warm sunset. This mani was inspired by summer nights, and the warm tones of the evening sky. We only used four #Zoya shades for this look! Starting with the darkest shade at the bottom and finishing with the lightest at the top, we used: Zoya Nail Polish in Lael (purple), Zoya Nail Polish in Reagan (pink), Zoya Nail Polish in Rocha (red/orange) and Zoya Nail Polish in Arizona (orange).

What we love about sunsets is that they can be all types of colors, you can play around with so many different combinations of the sky! Want to learn how to create this look? Check out this gradient how-to.

What are your favorite types of sunset-inspired colors? We LOVE watching them so please share, maybe we'll create another sunset look! Find these summery shades and more at zoya.com!

#Zoya Rocha #Zoya Lael #Zoya Arizona #Zoya Reagan
#Zoya #ZoyaArizona #ZoyaLael #ZoyaReagan #ZoyaRocha
Looking for the perfect Summer nail polish colors to paint on RIGHT NOW? Refinery29 has read your mind, and featured Zoya Nail Polish in Tilda and Zoya Nail Polish in Rocha - two shades from the Zoya Tickled Collection that are super vibrant and fun.

#ZoyaTilda is a warm mantis green cream that is a great alternative to a summer lime while #ZoyaRocha is a classic folly red cream with warm undertones that enhance a summer glow!

So go on, glide these super bold brights on and have the summer of your life! Find both shades and the rest of the Zoya Tickled collection at www.zoya.com!
#ZoyaRocha #ZoyaTilda
It's FINALLY time to bust out your favorite sandals and enjoy the gorgeous weather! Need a little inspiration for your mani and pedi nail polish combinations? We have you covered! We have put together a few of our favorite shade combos with colors that are on trend this season.

Blue + Green
We love how fun this combo is. So playful, yet still totally chic. Try Zoya Nail Polish in Ling with Zoya Nail Polish in Tilda for a fun twist!

Coral + Aqua
So we are obsessed with this color combo. Zoya Nail Polish in Wendy is such a juicy melon shade, and paired with a gorgeous metallic like Zoya Nail Polish in Dillon adds a fun, sparkly detail. By the way, both shades are totally in right now.

Hot Pink + Red
This is a classic combination for summer time. Zoya Nail Polish in Layla SCREAMS girly, while a red like Zoya Nail Polish in Carmen keeps it classy.

Orange + Vibrant Orange/Red
For our friends who want to keep it more monochromatic, this combo is for you! We love that Zoya Nail Polish in Arizona is the perfect orange, but pair her with a bright, hot shade like Zoya Nail Polish in Rocha...wooo turn up the heat!

Sand + Yellow
This is a more neutral combination but the texture of Zoya PixieDust in Godiva paired with a bright yellow like Zoya Nail Polish in Darcy adds a ton of interest. You will get tons of compliments with this beachy look!

Now get out there and show of those pretty fingers and toes! You can find all these gorgeous shades and more for Summer at zoya.com!

#zoyawendy #zoyatilda #zoyaling #zoyadarcy #zoyacarmen #zoyalayla #zoyagodiva #zoyarocha #zoyaarizona #zoyadillon
#zoyaarizona #zoyacarmen #zoyadarcy #zoyadillon #zoyagodiva #zoyalayla #zoyaling #zoyarocha #zoyatilda #zoyawendy
Summer is (almost) officially here, and everyone is turning up the heat on their nail color! This season, vibrant shades of orange/reds are all the craze since it's sizzling and looks fabulous on a variety of skin tones. The Zoe Report featured Zoya Nail Polish in Rocha as one of the hottest nail polish shades for the summer. We are completely obsessed with #ZoyaRocha so we agree 100% that she is THE shade this season. Zoya in Rocha is described as a classic folly red cream with warm undertones that enhance a summer glow.

Whether she's on your fingers or toes, you're sure to get tons of compliments with #ZoyaRocha . She stands out, and is HOT HOT HOT. (Can you tell we love her?)

Find Rocha from the Zoya Tickled Collection and more vibrant colors for Summer at zoya.com!

#ZoyaRocha #ZoyaTickled
There's always that ONE shade you can't stop staring, no matter how many times you've worn it. For this fairy, it's Zoya Nail Polish in Rocha. My love for this shade is ever growing and I've been experimenting with different color combinations and looks as an excuse to have it on my nails AT ALL TIMES. Last week, I wanted something neutral with a bit of color so I decided to modify the neon + neutral trend that has come back strong as ever this summer. I cannot tell you how much everyone (including myself) LOVED how this turned out! All of my friends said "OMG, can you do this to my nails?!" - hence the OMG Nails title :) SO, how can you get this look? It's super easy! All you need is your favorite nude, an ultra bright shade and some tape. I used Zoya Nail Polish in Rocha for my nearly neon and Zoya Nail Polish in Grace for a semi-sheer base for my look. For some reason I feel like the semi-sheer base creates a lighter, more natural effect but you can use any of your favorite sheer or opaque nude shades depending on your personal preference of VNL.

To recreate what I've got going on here, start out by painting 1-2 layers of your nude base. Fairy Tip: Try to keep layers to a minimum so that you optimize dry time. The base color doesn't have to be entirely opaque, because you are covering up most of it anyway and can touch up patchy spots once your neon shade is painted on. Whatever you do, make sure your base is completely dry before you tape off your triangle for the neon shade. We used striping tape (shown below) but regular scotch tape works just fine! Paint on 1 thin coat of your brighter shade, and peel off tape once polish has dried slightly. Use a thin brush to touch up any patchy areas and smooth out any crooked lines. Don't worry if it's not perfect, a top coat will smooth everything out! If you recreate this look, let us know what colors you used and don't forget to share them with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Zoya Nail Polish in Grace Rocha How To #ZoyaRocha #ZoyaGrace
#ZoyaGrace #ZoyaRocha
The Zoya Nail Polish Tickled Summer 2014 collection brings you six pigment packed, full coverage creams shades to glide onto your nails. Be ready to stand out in the crowd - the eyes of the world will swoon over these beauties.

Here is your first look at Zoya Nail Polish in Rocha
A classic folly red cream with warm undertones that enhace a summer glow! Flawlessly opaque in 2 coats.

Ultra long-wearing nail lacquers by Zoya are BIG5FREE - all formulas are completely free of harmful industrial chemicals such as toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) that are known to cause cancer and birth defects.

Available Now!

$9.00 ea. (US)


#ZoyaRocha #ZoyaTickled
#ZoyaRocha #ZoyaTickled