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Polka Dots - Everyone loves them! PLUS they're suuuuper cute and an easy way to switch up your mani. All you need is something to dot with - the good thing is, you don't need a dotting tool! Grab a paper clip, tooth pick, old pencil or even a bobby pin... all work just as well.

To get started, paint on your base color and let dry completely. Even better, upgrade your day-old mani! Once your base is dry, you're ready to dive in! We used Zya Nail Polish in Rooney and Zoya Nail Polish in Purity with an accent nail layering Zoya Nail Polish in Harper for this nail look.

Zoya Nail Polish in Rooney

Zoya Color Expert, Rebecca Isa, gave us the BEST advice once. She suggested that we put a piece of tape on the back of the hand you are polishing and use this as a palette. That way, you are working close to your "canvas" (aka - nails) which allows you to work a little quicker.

Take the color you want your polka dots to be and dab a few drops onto the tape (a scrap piece of paper works just fine too). We recommend placing your first dot centered at the base of your nail and work straight up to the free edge of your nail. How many dots you use depends on your nail size and dot size. Do the same thing on either side of this first line, staggering the positioning of the next set of dots. Fill in any bare spots and Voila!
Zoya Nail Polish in Rooney With Purity Polka Dots

#ZoyaHarper #ZoyaRooney #ZoyaPurity
#ZoyaHarper #ZoyaPurity #ZoyaRooney
Summer is a comin'! Make sure that mani POPS with super fun, and vibrant colors this season! LuckyMag.com featured three shades from the new Zoya Tickled Collection to really amp up your nail look! Zoya Nail Polish in Rooney is a
mid-range magenta pink cream
mid-range magenta pink cream 
 mid-range magenta pink cream that will flatter an array of skin tones. Zoya Nail Polish in Tilda is a warm mantis green cream that is the perfect alternative to a summer lime. Finally, Zoya Nail Polish in Ling is a vibrant royal blue cream that is super fun and packs a visual punch! It may be getting hot out, but your nails will be very "cool" looking with these fabulous cremes.

We can totally imagine these colors looking amazing on some toes in the sand. They'll for sure stand out! What are some shades you're looking forward to rocking this summer?
Find more shades from the #ZoyaTickled collection at Zoya.com!

#ZoyaRooney #ZoyaTilda #ZoyaLing
#ZoyaLing #ZoyaRooney #ZoyaTickled #ZoyaTilda