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Instyle Magazine's Annual Best Beauty Buys were announced in the May 2014 issue where beauty professionals of the stars dish on all of their favorite beauty products! Zoya Nail Polish is a big winner for the Eco-Friendly Nail category! Zoya Nail Polish in Sloane (featured) is a muted dark purple metallic with shimmers of red, purple, pink, and blue tones!

"Their beautiful metallics have always been my go-tos." -British Nail Pro, Anatole Rainey.

Another big winner is Zoya Remove+ for Best Nail Polish Remover! This is a third time win and for good reason! Not only is the 3-in-1 formula super conditioning and a great nail prep, it also smells fabulous!

"The calming lavender scent is more pleasant than the noxious fumes of most removers." -N.Y.C Pro Aggie Zaro (FUN FACT ALERT: She used Zoya Remove+ on Sienna Miller while she was pregnant.)

Also featured as a top natural palette nail choice is Zoya Nail Polish in Dea, best for darker skin tones and likened by one pro as milk chocolate melted over nails. (YUM!)

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#ZoyaRemove+ #ZoyaDea #ZoyaSloane
#ZoyaDea #ZoyaRemove+ #ZoyaSloane
This fairy needs help picking a polish for a dinner date! Which would you choose to add some color to a black/taupe outfit? Other recommendations welcome! #FeaturedColor #NOTD Vote on Facebook!

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#FeaturedColor #NOTDVote #ZoyaArabella #ZoyaClaudine #ZoyaKelly #ZoyaNatty #ZoyaSloane