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It's the weekend!! Something we LOVE to do is pair our manis with our favorite accessories. Zoya Nail Polish in Rocha is red hot for a Saturday night (or any time really). She went perfectly with this gold and coral belt, so we just had to snap a picture.

Do you like to pair your favorite accesories with your manis? Find #ZoyaRocha and more from the Summer Zoya Tickled Collection at www.zoya.com!

#zoyatickled #weekendmani
#weekendmani #ZoyaRocha #zoyatickled
You know when you fall in love with a nail polish color, and you pretty much want to wear her over and over again? That is Zoya Nail Polish in Ling for this fairy right now. Paint it on for the #weekendmani , take it off Monday to find on Wednesday I'm ready for her again! What is it about this luscious blue? This fairy isn't necessarily the biggest blue polish fan- but when it comes to #ZoyaLing- it was like I was opening up to a whole new world of color!

She is SO vibrant and bright, she makes for the perfect Summer shade. Since she has an evenly balanced formula, she will look great on a variety of skin tones ranging from light to dark, and olive to ivory. Basically, in a nut shell- she's the best.

Will you try #ZoyaLing? Find her, along with more blues and shades from the Zoya Tickled Collection at www.zoya.com!
#weekendmani #ZoyaLing- #ZoyaLing?
Starting the weekend off right with Zoya Nail Polish in Kimber!
#zoyanailpolish #weekendmani #featuredcolor
#featuredcolor #weekendmani #zoyanailpolish